Special products

     Special products - it's part of the process equipment, which is involved in the transmission and distribution of electricity. This equipment can be:
- Pads irregular shape;
- Moving parts of circuit breakers, circuit breakers, and so on.
- Adapters.
They are made by punching, casting, machining, bending, welding and so on.
The quality of materials is continuously monitored at every stage of the process.

笆コ  Application
笆コ  Material

Copper - purity ≥ 99,9%, semi-solid state, R220-240, Brand Cu-ETP
Aluminium - purity ≥ 99,5%, semi-solid state, R220-240, Brand 1050, 1070
Brass - PM-59

笆コ  Dimensions
笆コ  Ratings

Current: 20 kA
Voltage: 330 kV
Frequency: 20kHz

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